Seville Fiestas


The April Fair is next to Easter, the most anticipated moment of the year in Seville.
It is a musical with music sevillanas as most important is a show of bulbs, with more than 400,000 lamps, lanterns of; gypsy clothing, bullfights, private booths and booths free access to anyone who wants to cool off, all in a small space, ideal to experience something new, something different excitement, take a stroll by the real horse of the fair, enjoy their booths, their environment, food and cuisine of Seville, this is something to do during their holidays in the April Fair of Seville.


Semana Santa in Seville is a religious festival in the city which has hispalense with the support of 100% of the population living these days with great passion.
Has 59 guilds that run the city alongside the images, passages, costaleros, chapels, Nazarenes, and others are all throughout the Seville Holy Week, which runs between passion, bolts, and above all respect for the saints.

Steps are 8 days of processions, in which the most important day is Good Friday, the day on which we live is that the morning departure and evening more special. Is running from Thursday to Friday, and is the peak of the Holy Week of Seville.


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