Culture Seville

A town on the River

Situated along the Guadalquivir River, in the final stretch of the same, Seville is a town of 700,000, characterized by its beauty.
The fertile flood plains and its climate contribute to the beauty and greenery of its gardens, flower always possessed of an almost tropical flora.
The joy of its people, good living Andalucians makes the city and is particularly enjoyable at all routine. Seville marked out for its personality.


Seville is the former Hispalis population whose references dating to the period Tartesos, transformed Rome into the capital of Andalusia.
The city experienced a great glory in the Arabic domination, especially in the Almohad period, which is a popular time of the cathedral bell tower, La Giralda.
In the year 1248, the old city again Christian power, through military action of Fernando III the Saint. From this moment, take a prominent position among the cities preferred by the kings of the Crown of Castile and Leon, who frequently set up residence there.


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