Buildings and Monuments Seville


This is the minaret of a mosque built in the twelfth century.
An earthquake in 1365 destroyed the top of the minaret, which was topped by the famous golden apples. The settlement of the crest, a single spire, lasted until the sixteenth century, when the cathedral chapter commissioned Hernán Ruiz the top of the tower, adding a bell and a body shot that leads to the Renaissance bronze statue that represents to Fe


The work is Gothic, and includes many items of interest at both the historical and artistic. Among the items of historical value is the tomb of Fernando III the Saint, in a magnificent silver urn.
Also there is the tomb of Columbus.

El Patio de los Naranjos, with its central fountain, where he washed the Islamic faithful in times prior to the Reconquista, the windows and the door of Forgiveness; ;...., forging bars are additional elements that enrich the arrogant artistic whole, whose magnitude can receive visitors from the top of the Giralda.

Real Alcazar

The compound of the Almohads Alcázar, Pedro I the Cruel a magnificent royal residence built in 1364, which still astonishes by its opulence and beauty.

The works carried out by the sovereign mandate that has continued with other driven by the Catholic kings, Charles I, who held their wedding at the place with Isabel de Portugal, and Alfonso XIII.
The real beauty of the Alcazares has a great complement to their gardens, verdant vegetation, with beautiful terraces and fountains, where you can breathe freshness and stillness in the midst of a warm and bustling city.


It is a basilica in 1949 of popular lines, barroquizantes and colorful, which houses the image of the Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena, deep roots among the faithful Sevillians.
Next to the basilica stands the church of San Gil, which traditionally housed the Virgin, until the twentieth century. This is an Arabic mosque transformed into a church in the thirteenth century. (street Bécquer 1)


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